Advanced Clinical and Billing Solutions for Pathology Laboratories

A Complete Pathology Lab Solution

PathExpert™ is a robust pathology reporting, management, and billing software that is easy-to-use, and fully customizable. It allows any Pathology Lab to deliver professional reports to their clients online, quickly and securely.

Built by Pathologists

Our software development was facilitated by professional and experienced pathologists and pathology lab personnel. They aided in the creation of pathology system that is truly remarkable, and will scale for any size laboratory.

We Beat All Competitor Pricing

We guarantee lower prices for our software and implementation than any of our competitors! Just provide us with any quote, and we'll prove it. Based on our research, your costs are 50%-80% lower costs than our major competitors!

Easy to Use

We've been told over and over again that PathExpert™ is extremely user friendly. We've even seen pathologists use our software without ANY formal training. Our interface developers specialize in usability, making your experience a breeze.

HIPAA Compliant

We take all measures to ensure that PathExpert™ is compliant with the latest with HIPAA regulations and security standards. Keeping pathology lab and clients protected is our number one priority under all circumstances.

Web Based

PathExpert™ is a completely web-based solution, this means no complicated software installations in your lab, or additional hardware purchases necessary. Best of all, you and your clients can access PathExpert™ from anywhere with a standard internet connection.

Powerful Account & Profile Management

Custom account types provide user specific access to your Pathology lab and reports. From pathologists, to administrators, to clients – each has customizable permissions and authorization to view, add, edit, and manage just what they require.

Productivity Reports and Statistics

Want to know exactly how your lab is performing? Get comprehensive productivity reports and charts from every possible angle to help understand your labs growth, needs, and requirements from reports, specimens, patients, tests, turnaround times, and much more!

Error Prevention and Warnings

Our error prevention algorithms are capable of catching, alerting, and preventing potential errors and inaccuracies made by human input. An easy to use productivity dashboard will notify administrators and lab personnel of potential errors, and warnings.

Online Requisition Entry

An easy-to-use online form is available for clinicians to quickly and accurately submit an order. Our requisition system is capable of accessing the patient database to auto-complete fields and save time, plus all orders are searchable for future reference.

LIS Interface & Integration

We are capable of interfacing PathExpert™ with your Laboratory Information System (LIS). To optimize the manual accessioning and data entry process into PathExpert™, we can retrieve and import data from your LIS through a wide variety of protocols.

EMR Interface & Integration

Using HL7, we can automatically send completed reports and patient data to your EMR, or your clients EMR. Interfacing with EMR's will optimize workflow and establish a direct connection between various healthcare platforms, saving time and labor.

Mobile Access

Not only can you access PathExpert™ on your PC or Mac, but also on any mobile device when you're on the go. Our web based software is lightweight, and works on all mobile devices including: iPad, iPhone, Android Phones and Tablets, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm, and more!

Fully Hosted Solution

PathExpert™ is a fully hosted solution, which means your IT team doesn't need to worry about any hardware or software installation. We host your data on our secure multi redundant virtualized server environment and guarantee 99.9% uptime without the hassle.

Secure and Reliable

We are confident that our security standards and HIPAA compliant regulations will keep your data, and your client's data safe (See the Security Section). Our software is tested across a variety of platforms for maximum reliability, and will perform impeccably under any heavy loads.

(API) Application Programming Interface

Our API provides 3rd parties with the ability to communicate and interface with PathExpert™. Whether it's to retrieve report data, patient data, history logs or action logs, our extensive library and robust API supports a variety of protocols. (HL7,XML,CSV,XLS,JSON,etc.. )

Excel Reports

PathExpert™ allows you to easily export excel spreadsheets from several types of data sets. Whether it's a list of lab reports in a specific date range, or its CPT billing financial report, with the click of a button your excel file is generated on the fly, ready to be saved.

Lightning Fast

You won't be the first one to be amazed by the speed and optimization of PathExpert™. From page load times, to report and PDF generation, or pagination – everything is lightning fast; it's unlike any other web based application you've ever used.

Cutting Edge Technology

When it comes to technology, our developer geeks stay hungry. From server side to client side, we ensure that we are using the latest and greatest. We've seen our competitors fall behind, but we all know that there is no room for legacy systems in the medical software industry.

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Beautiful, Professional Reports

PathExpert™ generates specialized reports for all Anatomical Pathology categories. From Cytology to Histology, and others - PathExpert™ will quickly and efficiently create professional comprehensive reports for you and your clients.

Instant Access, Anywhere

PathExpert™ makes it easy to instantly view, create, and manage your reports from anywhere with a basic internet connection. With our lightweight software, you can even access reports on mobile devices and tablets.

Reference Labs / External Reports

Integrated support for reference labs can be enabled with the click of a button. Easily add and manage 3rd party labs through our easy-to-use template manager. You can also attach and upload external reports, documents, files, and notes.

Automated Printing System

Streamline your lab reports and workflow with automated printing, and never manually print reports again! Our proprietary client software (PathExpert Client Application) will automatically print finalized / signed reports on any printer directly in your laboratory or office.

HTML and PDF formatting

PathExpert™ reports are conveniently generated in multiple formats. When you are viewing on the web or mobile device, our HTML reports are clean, readable and fast! If you need to print or share reports with others, our PDF report generator is perfect!

Electronic Signatures

PathExpert™ allows pathologists to effortlessly create authentic electronic signatures using our online SVG format signature generator, or even upload a signature scan/image. Signatures will automatically be displayed on all reports signed out by a pathologist.

Email & SMS Notifications

Automated email notifications and SMS text messages make it easy to stay up to date when reports are updated, added, or revised, especially when you're on the go. Users can individually manage their email notification preferences to only receive updates relevant to them.

Powerful Permission System

Comprising a robust and comprehensive permissions system, PathExpert™ is able to individually control what each user can view, add, modify, delete, and more. Our detailed list of customizable permissions will assure safety, and privacy for your lab and clients.

Specimen Image Support

Multiple image uploading allows pathologists and lab personnel to easily upload images associated with any report specimen. Images are neatly displayed on reports, and zoomable through Path Expert's web report viewer.

Automated Accession Generation

PathExpert™ has a built-in accession generation system, which automatically accessions a requisition orders, and generates reports. It also supports manual accessioning if your lab already has an existing accessioning process.

Auto-Complete & Data lookup

Let us find it! PathExpert™ will automatically provide suggestion as you type to help complete your search term or keyword, saving you time and effort. Auto-Complete fields are provided when selecting gross descriptions, diagnosis, and various other input data.

Data Templates & Placeholders

Save manual data entry time! Easily store canned templates for easy re-use instead of manual data entry. Data templates are easily manageable, and are provided for: Diagnosis, Gross Descriptions, CPT Codes, ICD9 Codes, Adequacy and more.

Report Sorting & Searching (With Live Filter)

Our advanced searching, sorting, and filtering features allow you to effortlessly find various criteria of reports, patients, and accounts. With our Live Filter technology, your results are loaded as you select criteria and search, providing you with what you're looking for quickly.

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Electronic Billing (Coming Soon)

PathExpert™ offers a full-feature billing and financial reporting system. With seamless integration between our clinical and billing modules, insurance claims (and direct client and patient bills) are automatically generated when clinical work is finalized.

Invoice Generation

Along with powerful insurance billing, PathExpert™ also makes it easy to generate invoices that can be printed, emailed or faxed to clients and patients for direct billing needs. Like insurance claims, invoices are automatically generated when clinical work is finalized.

Graphs & Charts

Powerful statistical charts and graphs allow your facility to see all financial growth from a birds-eye view. From billable CPT codes, to pathologist earnings, our charts will give you the scope you need to analytically break down your revenues.

Global Fee Schdueling

Default global fee scheduling (TC and PC pricing) can be easily applied individually to Insurance companies, clients, and patients. This allows your lab to break down pricing for each CPT code for every category of billable accounts.

Custom Fee Schdueling

Along with global fee scheduling, PathExpert™ also allows custom fee scheduling (CPT pricing) for each individual client and patient. Custom fee scheduling per account will give your lab the negotiating power and flexibility needed to satisfy your every client.

Billing Reports

View, export, and print detailed billing reports for any selected criteria. Billing reports will provide a breakdown of all billed or ready to bill accessions in an easy-to-view online format or excel spreadsheet.

Earning Reports

View, export, and print detailed earning reports for any selected criteria. Earning reports will provide a breakdown of all posted payments per accession in an easy-to-view online format or excel spreadsheet. Graphs and charts are also integrated for visual representation of these reports.

CPT Usage Reports

View, export, and print detailed CPT usage reports for any selected criteria. CPT usage reports will provide a breakdown of all CPT codes and the associated earnings per CPT in an easy-to-view online format or excel spreadsheet. Graphs and charts are also integrated for visual representation of these reports.

Pathologist Reports

View, export, and print detailed Pathologist reports for any selected criteria. Pathologist reports will provide a breakdown of all TC billable, PC billable, and payment collections per pathologist in an easy-to-view online format or excel spreadsheet. Graphs and charts are also integrated for visual representation of these reports.

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Custom Branding

PathExpert™ will represent your lab and your business. With flexible customization options and themes, our experienced designers will work with you to implement your brand and identity giving your clients and staff a familiar face.

Custom Domain Name

Every PathExpert™ installation comes with a complimentary custom domain name. This will be web address (URL) used by your staff and clients to access and manage online reports.

Customized Lab Reports

Need some customizations on your reports? No problem! We’ll work directly with you ensuring that your lab reports contain every last presentation detail, which you can confidently provide to your clients.

Data Templates

Easily store customized templates that can be used to automatically fill in data such as Diagnosis, Gross Descriptions, CPT Codes, ICD9 Codes, and more. Even save custom templates per user account making it easier to complete any workload more efficiently.


Our smart groups system allows you to organize and categorize login accounts, physicians, and staff in every possible way. Create groups by positions, locations, purposes, organizations, and much more.

Request it!

Need special customizations for your Lab? Our dedicated team of developers are open to ANY feature suggestions, needs, or requirements. We’ll work with your lab to ensure PathExpert™ is the perfect solution for all your Pathology needs.

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HIPAA Compliant

We take all measures to ensure that PathExpert™ is compliant with the latest with HIPAA regulations and security standards. Keeping pathology lab and clients protected is our number one priority under all circumstances.

Powerful Permission System

PathExpert™ has an extensive permissions system that allows you to drill down to allow or deny specific types of actions or access to any account. This helps ensure that only those with authorized permissions are able to view, edit, and manage data on a per account basis.

SSL Authentication / Encryption

We utilize SSL connections to ensure all patient and lab data stays secure. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

Salted Database Encryption for Sensitive Data

We used "Salting" technology to add an additional layer of encryption to sensitive data stored within PathExpert™, such as passwords. Salting makes it impossible to un-encrypt data by encapsulating a passphrase with an additional level of encryption.

Expiring Passwords

PathExpert™ utilizes expiring passwords for every user account logging in, based on recommended HIPAA technology regulations. You can even manage how often passwords expire for user account through the Administration Settings.

History & Action Logging

PathExpert™ logs every single action performed by a user. Whether you are logging in, updating a report, or managing accounts, our robust history logs will be sure to show you exactly what happened, when it happened, and by who. No more confusion, no more questions.

System Monitor

Our proprietary System Monitor allows you to see exactly who is currently using your PathExpert™ installation. View a chronological timeline of Login Attempts, Report Actions, Patient Actions, User Actions, Group Actions and more

24/7 Backups

Rest assured your data is safe, and backed up daily. With our redundant cloud server infrastructure, you never need to worry about another backup solution again. Reports, patient data, accounts, EVERYTHING is securely backup up, and at your fingertips.

Redundant Virtualized Hosting Environment

Want to know the reliability of PathExpert? 100% uptime! Our virtualized server infrastructure is scaled across multiple datacenters making it virtually impossible to go down. Who’s ever heard of downtime? Not us…

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Remote Desktop Support & Training

Need support or training quickly? Our highly trained and experienced technicians and experts can login to your lab remotely to provide immediate remote assistance, or provide a comprehensive training session to your staff.

Video Tutorials Coming Soon

We are currently working on guided, and easy to follow video training tutorials that will help you and your staff understand how to easily use various features in PathExpert™. These videos will be accessible anytime to provide help, or answer your questions.


Our easy to follow documentation explains each feature found in PathExpert™ in extensive detail. From definitions to step-by-step instructions on how to complete tasks, our documentation will come in handy for any new PathExpert™ User.

Live Chat Support

Get support quickly and efficiently directly through our website via our Live chat support system. A friendly PathExpert™ representative will be happy to assist you with whatever you may need.

Ticket Support System

Need more extensive help, or have a feature request? Simply submit a ticket with your question, issue, or suggestion, and our staff will have a response for you promptly.

Customer Phone Support

Sometimes live chat, and ticket systems just don’t cut it. That’s why we offer customer service phone support to help you with any PathExpert™ related question or issue. Our friendly staff is standing by, waiting for your call.